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Are the hosting servers use SSD(Solid State Drive)?

Yes, we only use SSD for all our server instances.

Backed by Solid-State Drives (SSDs), General Purpose (SSD) volumes provide the ability to burst to 3,000 IOPS per volume, independent of volume size, to meet the performance needs of most applications and also deliver a consistent baseline of 3 IOPS/GB. General Purpose (SSD) volumes offer the same five nines of availability and durable snapshot capabilities as other volume types. Pricing and performance for General Purpose (SSD) volumes are simple and predictable. You pay for each GB of storage you provision, and there are no additional charges for I/O performed on a volume. Prices start as low as $0.10/GB.

You can now choose between three Amazon EBS volume types to best meet the needs of your workloads: General Purpose (SSD), Provisioned IOPS (SSD), and Magnetic volumes. General Purpose (SSD) volumes are suitable for a broad range of workloads, including small to medium-sized databases, development and test environments, and boot volumes. Provisioned IOPS (SSD) volumes offer storage with consistent and low-latency performance, and are designed for I/O-intensive applications such as large relational or NoSQL databases, and allow you to choose the level of performance you need. Magnetic volumes, formerly known as Standard volumes, provide the lowest cost per gigabyte of all Amazon EBS volume types and are ideal for workloads where data is accessed infrequently and applications where the lowest storage cost is important.