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How do I capture an authorized payment via the Magento admin area?
Here are the steps: 1. Set the payment module in Authorize Only or Auth Only mo... more
Why don't you provide the modules as downloadable products?
For security reasons, we manually verify every order before we ship them. All or... more
Why do I get this error message: "Error: couldn't connect to host"
Usually it means that the port through which the payment gateway communicates wi... more
What do I do if, I have upgraded my Magento shop and the module fails?
All our modules come with free support and upgrades. Let us know and we will sen... more
I have installed everything correctly, I do not see the module in the Magento backend.
Please confirm these points: * If, cache is enabled then, clear the cache ... more
How do I refund via my Magento backend? I only see the "Refund Offline" button.
To refund directly from your Magento backend, go to the order details page and c... more
At checkout after I enter my payment details and click the button nothing happens!
If, you are using Magento version 1.4.x then, this could be because your current... more