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Do you offer SEO or PPC service?
Our Google Adwords Individually Qualified and Advanced SEO Certified Professiona... more
Do you have PHP and Magento Experts?
We have one of the world's first Zend PHP5 and Magento Developer Plus certified ... more
What is the assured ticket response?
Even though the uptime of your shop is our responsibility, we fully understand t... more
Which cloud infrastructure provider do you use?
We are Amazon professionals. As per Gartner August 2014 report on cloud infrastr... more
Do you use Apache or NGINX as the http Server?
We use NGINX only. Is Nginx better that Apache? Nginx is the best-known asynchro... more
Do you use CDN to deliver static content?
Yes, our advanced hosting plan uses CDN for media. Amazon CloudFront CDN is a co... more
Are the hosting servers use SSD(Solid State Drive)?
Yes, we only use SSD for all our server instances. Backed by Solid-State Drives... more
What are the advantages of Schogini's Magento Hosting
* Magento Developer Plus (Community &Enterprise) Certified andZend PHP Certi... more
Do you offer Redis for Magento Hosting?
Yes, we use Redis for session caching. Redis is an advanced key-value cache and ... more
Do you offer Gzip for Magento Hosting?
Yes, contents will be delivered Gzipped to the browser. more
Do you offer Varnish for Magento Hosting?
Yes, we install Varnish caching system on all our Magento Hosting Servers. Varn... more
What happens in case of a disaster?
It is quite likely that we will be the ones that will get auto-alerted in case s... more
Do you offer Email Servers?
No, we use Google Apps as our email service provider. If you have existing email... more
Do you offer discount for Magento Hosting?
If you pay upfront for Magento Hosting, we have these discounts. * Three mon... more
Do you offer Auto-Scaling Magento to Handle Load Peaks?
Yes, of course we can architecture your Magento hosting account to handle load p... more
How long does it take to setup a new hosting order?
The hosting account setup can take 24 to 72 hours for a new (fresh) Magento bare... more
Where will the Hosting Servers be located?
We have currently 9 geographical locations which are situated in these regions, ... more