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I purchased the Payeezy module but, cannot find the credentials needed to configure it. Help!
If, your First Data merchant account was created more than 2 months ago andyou h... more
Have a First Data Merchant Account. Which First Data module should I purchase?
Here are the options that you have depending on the type of First Data account: ... more
I get a message "SOAP Fault: Invalid Credentials"
The "SOAP Fault: Invalid Credentials"generally means: * You have used invali... more
I am all set to go live - how do I confirm that the module works?
Setup the module with the Live details and LivePEMfile. Create a product with pr... more
How do I name the PEM file?
YourPEMfile should be named in this format: .pem For example, if, your store id ... more
How do I make a test transaction?
Please note that Test and LivePEMfiles are different! If, you want to place a te... more
How do I get my FirstData or LinkPointPEM file?
To generate thePEMfile you will need to login into your FirstData account and ra... more
Does this module supports TeleCheck?
This module currently doesn't support TeleCheck more
Does this module supports AVS?
Yes, this module supports Address Verification System. If, you enable AVS check ... more
I need more information for PCI Complaince. Please help?
Our First Data Global Gateway e4 Webservices API does not store any Card Details... more
AVS/CVV check has been enabled but, still AVS/CVV failed payments go through! Why?
Currently, the feature to block payments whenAVS/CVVfails is not available via F... more
I am getting an empty "Error" popup message - First Data Global Gateway e4 Webservices API module
If, you get an empty "Error:" popup message when your try to checkout with our F... more